Do I have a ghost in my house?

This is an easy list; nothing new here – but helpful.

    • Do things get lost or misplaced?
    • Noises, creaks, knocks, thumps, footsteps?
    • Feelings of being watched?
    • Animals watch or react to nothing you can see?
    • Lights, TV, or other electrical equipment flicker, flash, or turn on and off by themselves?
    • Doors, cabinets, cupboards open or close by themselves?
    • Hear voices in the home/building when no one else is there?
    • See people or shadows out of the corner of your eye but turn and no one is there?
    • Feelings of being touched?
    • Sudden smells that have no cause?
    • Walk into or feel cold or hot spots?
    • Objects seem to move on their own?

If several of these are occurring and you cannot find any natural causes for it, it’s very possible that either a deceased loved one – or a stranger spirit – is trying to make their self known or get a message through.

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  1. Sorry for the delay! It through your response into the spam folder so we only found it now. Blogging ends up being something that one needs to stay on top of.
    Resolve what your intention is, then find a way to stick to it. If you intend to post once a month – easy. If you intend to post once a week… life will creep in. Daily??? Not unless someone is paying us – lol ;)

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