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Reviews for Cal~Para Research from previous clients:

I was intrigued and a bit in shock seeing my intuition actually get proven correct at my home. Those cold spots and chills felt over the course of a year and random feeling of being watched in certain parts of the home was confirmed by the use of the EVP, electronic devices and the infrared camera. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling is a bit spooky, but for those with different belief systems, it should be remembered that our ancestors were in tune with the universe and spirits. We’re afraid of the unknown but getting some insight into spirits helps us respect that they too exist either in our current dimension, or in a parallel dimension quite like our own. I really don’t know what comes next in terms of respectfully countering their influence in my home, or simply selling the home, but I do feel the right course of action is to cleanse it for my family or a potential future buyer to avoid other children being in fear of their home as well as hopefully offering a solution to the restless souls that linger there. Everyone deserves to Rest In Peace in this life and the next in respect to their past. May they hope to find the peace they deserve and may our Heavenly Father greet these individuals to everlasting peace. The team is amazing, and I simply thank you all for your time and insight into this mysterious field.

AM – Adelanto CA



Thank you and your wonderful team for all of your wonderful efforts! As you say, nothing is an exact science here, but a lot of what was in the report seems to make sense.
Maybe down the road the area and city may rebound and thrive, perhaps making it safe to maybe enter and do a follow up physical reading. If not, just know I thank all of you for your great efforts!!
~T.M., Burbank CA

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for coming out today. You guys were an absolute pleasure and my wife loved you all. She has nothing but great things to say about you and the experience. Not only that, but you made her feel so much better. It looks like we’ve decided to go ahead and move in the home. Again, thank you guys so much! If you ever have an event around town, please let us know.

~S.S., Redlands CA

Big love, pure souls helping us physically alive understand those with us spiritually here with us, at same time helping spirits find their home as well, you guys rock!

~S.L., Palm Springs CA

I thank everyone who helped me; Kd who amazingly did wonderful work helping me with things to do, warn bad off spirits at my home, to the team Kd brought in and did great work…after all the scares and issues me and my family faced, they showed up to investigate. With all the suggestions I was given, trust me I was a nervous wreck, but came out with a quiet house so far with using sea salt in bowls in each room away from all windows to bibles in every room & holy water throughout the home as well.   Also worked to a palo santo stick and lavender all worked…yet the best to know about this whole situation was me finding out when Kd and her team came out was my children’s grandfather came forth and stated his name and presence in my 5-year old’s room and there was noooo way for anyone to know his name. He has been deceased since my husband was 5 years old and we never met him, yet he came and said his name and to just know he is here truly watching over my children is a blessing all in one, and for that little news we are happy knowing that and thankful again to all that helped us.  I hope my story and issues faced help someone. Know you’re not alone and things happen, and sometimes good things come out of it…there are great people within the research team of Kd.

With all the help advice and just motherly love they gave, I felt like a baby being rocked. When they came here, they sat us down, talked to us, gave us information, walked us through, checked everything out, and kept us in the loop of it all. If they didn’t know the answers, they got them; they just took care of us. The team was fantastic, and helpful, gentle. I mean they listened and just were kind to our story – no judging or anything; it was just love and help. THANK YOU AGAIN, U ROCK.

~D.B., Moreno Valley CA

I want to first thank Kd and the entire group for being so professional and supportive in such a time of confusion, frustration and some fear of what had been happening in my home.  I knew because the little things were “off”, but noticeable, then became bigger things that lead me to the direction of seeking professional help with the “noise” going on in my home.

I immediately felt a sense of relief when the group arrived.  You cannot freely talk about this type of activity to your friends without them thinking she may be off her rocker.  I was hesitant in my line of work to discuss with coworkers as well.  My children witnessed several strange things happening as well.  I knew it was time for us to find a professional group to investigate and give me some tools to work with that might quiet down the house.

Although I never really felt any danger, just mostly frustration with the “noise”…. things such as knocking on my bedroom door late at night, banging pans (or something similar), doors being unlocked and opened when we woke in the morning, dogs being placed outside when they were inside minutes before, in addition to many other feelings of being watched, feeling a breeze against the skin when no windows open, no AC on etc., picture fell off the wall, chairs moved during the night, noise coming from garage to include woman singing, man talking, woman screaming… the list goes on.  When Kd and the group came out, I felt a relief to know they believed me. I was not laughed at, taken very seriously and felt that at last I had taken a step in the right direction.  I want to also through a huge shout out to John for monitoring my home via inside cameras over several days.  The list goes on of various activities in my home.  They gave me a very detailed report after their evaluation, along with helpful tips on how to quiet the house and remain in control of my home.

I still do not feel threatened by any spirit here; in fact, it was shared through them it’s more of a protective type spirit(s). (That is great to know!)  The house has remained quiet for some time now; although most recently I am hearing new noises that if continue, I may seek out a second session.

It’s a blessing to have worked with this group of people and I hope the word is spread {well deserved} that this group of paranormal investigators is TOP NOTCH!  Thank you again, all 6 of you, that took time to help with my concerns!

~D.C. Moreno Valley CA

On January 1, 2015, Kd and the team from Cal Para Research came to my home as I had experienced some odd things like footsteps, light on and off, as well as my TV coming on and off. I contacted them because the profile page led me to believe they are genuine and respectful. When I initially contacted the organization, I was worried they would think perhaps I am crazy. However, Kd made me feel at ease and explained I am not the only one. She called me on the phone and asked me a few questions, and after that we set an appointment (mind you the team comes from all over and they did not charge me) ON the 1st of January, this alone was awesome.

The team arrived at my house right on time, and I was introduced to each member. I was very comfortable with all the ladies in my house and even my dogs loved them. They broke into groups and went to different rooms in my house. I know you’re thinking ‘strangers all in your house?’ Yes, there was something calming and comfortable about the team. They did EVP work, and I could hear them asking questions. My neighbor T and I waited in the living room and had been asked not to make too much noise as it would interfere with the equipment. After a bit, Kd came to the living room and said a spirit was not leaving her alone and wanted her to communicate something to us. She gave many specific descriptions, all which at the time I assumed were for my neighbor. However, later on after thinking about this more, I came to realize it was for me, and it was dead on.

After all the team competed the research, we re-convened in the living room again and spoke more about the going ons and what they heard or did not hear. I was given things to do if I wanted the spirits gone and things to definitely NOT DO.

Kd and her team left, and I was told that I would have a report in 2 weeks with all the findings.  The report I received right on time was very long and extremely detailed. I was blown away; the team even caught an EVP.

I would highly recommend the team as I feel that they try to debunk anything at first and only address anything that is valid.   I should mention the team will be back as the findings were inconclusive due to the background noises.

~A.P., Escondido CA

Thank you so much for coming out…At least I know now this isn’t all my imagination…You guys were great…thanks again!

~T.A., La Quinta CA

They were at my place 10/18/14 and were very professional and took the place seriously. I highly recommend this group to anyone that need an investigation!!!!

~C.W., Upper Desert CA

I just want to Thank you and your investigators for helping me with the spirit activity in my house. You and your team were very professional and believed me. You told me what to do and it worked, I don’t get scratched anymore, the computer doesn’t call my dog’s name or come on by itself and all the other weird happenings. The knocking has mostly stopped just every once in a great while. SO Thank all of you :)

~E.S., San Bernardino CA

An awesome group of investigators working together. This group is led by a knowledgeable & experienced paranormal investigator. We’ve had the great privilege to work together in their private cases.
~Intuitive Paranormal Society


The Calpara Investigation team came to my house in April 2013 to investigate sounds and movements that my kids had told me about in past months.  There were five persons who did parallel investigations throughout my house (3 stories).  About a week later, I sat down with the Chief Investigator and went through their findings and recommendations.  I followed on the recommendations, and we have not since experienced any of the sounds and movements that my kids had initially told me about.  All of the work was done at no cost to me, and the entire team was very friendly and helpful and very courteous to my kids (teenagers) and I.  I would recommend using them for any similar investigations.  Thank you Calpara!

~H.G., Yucaipa CA

I would like to take this time to thank you and your crew for doing such a fantastic and thorough investigation here and if you feel the need to do it all over again, that would be fine with me. If not then I understand.

Anyhow, Thanks again for helping me realize that what I have been witnessing here was not just a figment of my imagination. I now have part of the closure that I was seeking.

~B.M., Yucaipa CA


Thank you so much for the team. They were special people. Each person was different, and they really complemented each other. They each had something to contribute, and good ideas and I was so impressed with how respectfully and carefully they dealt with the spirits, with each other and with us. It was so gentle and low key. I won’t say I would choose to share my space with spirits, but they took away the fear I had. I’m looking forward to reading the report.

Thank you and your team for the work you do so well. It’s really needed but at the highly professional level you work at, is hard to find.  Much appreciation.
~L.R., Palos Verdes CA

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