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PLEASE READ ALL THE IMPORTANT INFO ON THIS PAGE before you submit the form below to have CalPara investigate and/or offer possible solutions.


We can assess and begin the process, but YOU will need to follow our instructions daily for days or weeks to be sure the spirits are gone.

Do not be frightened by the hype on TV. 99% of spirits we come across are deceased humans – not the scary demons on television. If a person was cranky on Earth, they tend to be cranky as a spirit. This does not mean they intend harm.

  • Spirits with good intentions cannot be forced to leave, but can be persuaded. If the spirit is human, you cannot ‘banish’ it. They may linger because of unfinished business, messages, or be lost.
  • Negative spirits CAN be gently encouraged to leave. Many reputable paranormal groups know techniques to encourage them to quiet down or move on to their next journey.
  • All investigations are FREE!
  • Our main goal is to assist clients; we attempt to gather credible evidence by way of reliable scientific methods. As a result, the integrity of the group and its evidence is closely maintained. We have successfully combined technology along with psychics/sensitives to provide a comprehensive study of each location.
  • Although we may confidently claim to be experienced and educated in the field of paranormal research and investigating, we cannot in good conscience proclaim ourselves experts in the paranormal, and we caution our clients and the public to be wary of those who do make such claims, particularly if a fee is involved.
  • Never pay anyone to ‘remove’ any spirit. In this scientific research, it is fraudulent behavior to imply that it can be “guaranteed”.
  • There are in fact no experts when it comes to the supernatural and/or paranormal. Nevertheless, there are many credible and competent paranormal researchers, like us, who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible.


We cover the Southern California area. (If you’re unsure what to tell us, check out this page of common questions for our investigations: paranormal investigation questionnaire/)