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Kd: Director, Board Member, Lead Investigator
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Kd has been contacted by spirits since she was 10 years old. With over 30 years of paranormal research, she combines psychic impressions with modern scientific equipment to help her learn about life after death.

Dyann: Co-Organizer, Board Member, Lead Investigator
Dyann has been actively investigating for 9 years.  Having investigated with some of the fields most respected investigators, Dyann balances skepticism with a strong sense of belief in the paranormal.  Her research has taken her not only to locations in the Southern California region but to known paranormal destinations across the country. 

Millie Gauss: Assistant Director, Board Member, Lead Investigator
Like many children, Millie first became interested in the paranormal when she was about 8 years old. On the night her grandfather died she received a visitation from him telling her everything would be okay. The next day her parents told her Popo had passed and it was very confusing because she had just seen and spoke with him the night before, even more so when her parents told her it was just a dream. Millie entered the paranormal field as a skeptic a few years ago and has since witnessed enough unexplainable things to become a believer, although she still takes the scientific approach to every investigation. Millie’s compassion and empathy for both the living and spirit as well as her background in petroleum refining and network administration, gives her a very unique skill set for paranormal investigations.

Alfred: Board Member, EVP Specialist, Lead Investigator, ResearcherSELECTION.066
Alfred is one of our EVP specialists. With a strong ear for spirit whispers, and years of paranormal research, he is a true asset to the team. He also researches the particulars of each case for possible personal impact from spirits causing problems.

Bailey: Lead Investigator
Bailey’s paranormal experience started at a young age.  Since then she has been fascinated with tremendous curiosity.  Her first experience has stuck with her through her life, and she remembers every feeling it gave her in the exact moment that it happened.  She was about 5-6 years old and her parents were out to dinner, leaving just her big brother and her home.  The clock read 11:00-11:30pm,  her brother sleeping on the couch, and she realized she really needed to use the restroom!   On the way down the hall, she felt very apprehensive.  At the bathroom door, the light was off, and the door was just barely closed enough so that the lock didn’t latch on it.  She pushed the door open just enough to fit her wrist through and when her fingertip just barely touched the light switch-WHAM! The door FLEW SHUT with such a force that was incomprehensible.  She was able to get her hand out of the bathroom doorway before it shut – her wrist would have been shattered!  She ran back to her sleeping brother and woke him up crying hysterically.  He checked it out, but there was nothing there. She knew she had felt something that made her question whether she should go into that bathroom or not.   She remembers that questioning feeling as she got it before and it has been right every time.  This experience sparked inside a fire to be curious and to ask questions – and to figure out what else is on this earth with us.  She does not believe that we are alone; she fully believes that there are things out there that we cannot see with our naked eye (unless they want to be seen) and there are so many things left unexplained.  She wants to help bring truth and light to the world we cannot see!

Brandon: Investigator II

Brandon’s experiences began as a child. And as most “mean well” parents do, everything was dismissed or explained away. Flash forward to his mother’s passing and occurrences he could not explain, and he began his own search for the truth.

Christina: Case Manager, Lead Investigator
Christina is enthusiastic about researching life after death!  She became interested in the paranormal at a very young age having no logical explanation of what she had experienced.  Throughout her life, Christina has done extensive research and now joins fellow investigators to disprove claims of activity at reported locations; or to document the phenomena.

Cynthia: Lead Investigator

Cynthia became interested in the paranormal in 1993 after she witnessed activity in her home.  She has a great appreciation for paranormal teams that help families and business owners find answers to hauntings.  She’s never witnessed an apparition, and remains an open-minded skeptic.  She believes there are things that simply have no logical explanation and cannot be debunked.  She has a passion to provide proof that spirits and ghosts exist, and uses some of the latest research equipment as well as some old fashioned techniques to communicate with spirits.  She brings 10 years experience in investigating at some of the most haunted places in America.

Diana: Lead Investigator
Diana didn’t grow up in a haunted house, but she’s been intrigued with the paranormal all her life. She has a certification in paranormal investigation and parapsychology and has eleven years experience. She’s been a co-organizer of two paranormal groups, a case manager and lead investigator . She has spoken before audiences on the paranormal, been on a couple of paranormal blog radio shows, has helped lead public ghost investigations and has helped train future paranormal investigators. She has witnessed apparitions, shadow people, energy streaks and has become sensitive to spirits due to the numerous investigations she has done. Diana loves helping people with their paranormal problems and helping spirits when she can.  She is also a docent at a historical location!

Jackson: Lead Investigator
Enthusiastic about helping others describes Jackson.  Before joining our group, she had researched the paranormal field for some time.  She brings her steady thought process to the team to clarify what is – and what is not – paranormal.

John: Case Manager, Tech Man, Lead Investigator
John became interested in the paranormal after getting a reading from a well-known medium in the 70’s, who was also his Aunt. An open-minded skeptic, his goal is to personally experience evidence of life after death. John has 25 years of electronics engineering and computer experience and hopes to develop new tools and methods of spiritual discovery.

Karen R: Lead Investigator

Well-known comedienne and paranormal researcher.  Featured on the David Letterman show and hostess of ‘Paranormal Junkyard’.  We are honored to have her on our team.

Karen S: Lead Investigator
karen st.
Karen S. has been actively investigating venues for the last five years.  She is patiently seeking answers to unexplained events.  Proper investigating requires patience, professionalism, ethics, and above all integrity; which definitely describes Karen!

Leslie: Psychic/Medium, M.F.T. Intern
Studying at the well-known Arthur Findlay Psychic Institute in England several times a year, Leslie is able to connect with the many spirits who might be from current situations or from years ago.

Mona: Investigator II, Psychic/Medium
Mona has been working as a professional psychic-medium for 10 years, and has studied under many quality instructors both locally and from the U.K.  She has an extensive scientific background and was a corporate pilot before she finally could not ignore the spirits trying to talk with her!

She is now very excited to combine both technology and her mediumistic abilities to help those on both sides of life, and contribute to the growing knowledge of the paranormal!  Mona’s enthusiasm and friendly nature lifts up anyone’s attitude, maybe even the spirits!

Rene: Lead Investigator
Rene, like most people, has a natural curiosity for the afterlife and the unexplained. He believes he has a sort of intuition for spirits.  With the help of Kd, he is learning to fine tune this intuition. He uses a variety of tools and methods in the field to better adapt to each individual investigation. He seeks truth, knowledge and connections with his fellow investigators.

Tanya: Lead Investigator
With a strong desire to learn more about the unknown of the great beyond, Tanya picked up quickly which methods help her assist spirits and clients.  She is becoming more aware of her sensory perception as a tool, but keeps a practical view in assessing activity.  She has been interested in the paranormal her whole life. When she was born, there was some kind of entity in her house. As the story goes, the activity seemed to be centered around her, and the house was not active before her birth. It got bad enough that her mother exorcised the house and there has been no activity since. After that, she’s been touched by the paranormal throughout most of her life, but it was her mother’s telling of that early experience that ultimately drives her. What was in the house? Why Tanya and her family? Where did it go when it left? She truly is looking for answers. She doesn’t know that they can be found in her lifetime, but she can at least help propel things closer to the truth.

Todd: Investigator II

Todd, an empath, has been fascinated with the paranormal for many years. His first experience coming when a good elementary school friend of his came to say “goodbye” soon after a fatal crash. He has since lived in 2 homes which he is convinced were haunted (an old Victorian in California and another home built in the 1800’s in Ohio).

Todd has been formally investigating since 2014 and has been a part of investigations at well known locations like the Whaley House (San Diego, CA), Bracken Fern Manor (Lake Arrowhead, CA), and the Athens Lunatic Asylum (Athens, OH).

“To me, when investigating, it’s critical to keep a healthy balance of belief and skepticism. At the end of the day, its all about helping the client, even the ones we can’t see.”

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