How to Choose a Paranormal Team

When you’re thinking of contacting a paranormal team, what should you look for?

Not all groups are experienced enough to help you.  Due to the many paranormal TV shows and movies, many just spring up with thrillseekers or persons that think they want to explore this for a while.  Often when they find out it’s a slow methodical process – and not a BIT like the media portrays it – they get bored and move on.

Here are some questions you need to ask:

How many years have the team been together actively helping residences and businesses?
Cal~Para’s answer: we were founded 15 years ago and our individual members have progressively researched for 3 to over 25 years.

Does the group screen it’s members?
Cal~Para’s answer: We complete several interviews, “test” investigations, and a background check of all our members.

Does the team actively seek to update their methods and knowledge (or stay stuck in ‘what worked 10 years ago’)?
Cal~Para’s answer: We are constantly researching, analyzing, reviewing  our techniques, equipment, and our process.

Does the team seek education from noted professionals in certain areas of the field?
Cal~Para’s answer: Our group has gone through extensive training or attended informational seminars with many notable figures in the paranormal field such as: demonologists Tomy Durant and David Harvey,  John Zaffis (famed demonologist and nephew of Ed & Lorraine Warren), Loyd Auerbach (parapsychologist), and Don Staggs (psychic/empath).

What is the team’s EXACT approach to solving your problem?  Are they transparent?  Do they use scientific methods?  Do they use psychics or mediums?
Cal~Para’s answer: Our team uses the latest technology to assess specialized areas of the paranormal field, as well as implementing psychic-mediums to make evaluations.

Does the team offer you a report with detailed explanations of their findings?
Cal~Para’s answer: YES!  Every investigation guarantees a full report to be given to the client to help explain our process and conclusions.

What does the team DO with their evidence?
Cal~Para’s answer: We are confidential.  Your identity is safe with us.  Nothing is put on YouTube or the internet unless you say it’s ok.  Typically, we never ask to do that anyway.

Does the team offer holistic and natural remedies?
Cal~Para’s answer: YES!  Nothing we suggest is ritualistic or outdated nonsense.  Through our professional education, we have learned some substantiated and verified ways to alleviate spirit activity.

Is there a fee mentioned – for gas, or time, etc.?
Cal~Para’s answer:  No trustworthy group will charge to help you.   In fact – it is highly FROWNED UPON by other groups to hear that someone is charging!  This is an ongoing scientific study dealing with the invisible and unknown.  It is unethical to try to solicit funds.

Does the group guarantee spirit removal?
Cal~Para’s answer: STOP! RUN FOR THE HILLS!  There is NO guarantee that any group, person, medium, or priest can promise removal of a spirit from your home or business.  It is considered fraudulent and trickery if a paranormal group makes such a claim.

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