We are going to upload what we find interesting and possible evidence.
Tell us what you think!

11/22/15: Winchester CA residence:
Patterson House

11/7/15: Long Beach CA business

3/21/15: Victorville CA business:
Victorville Movie Set

9/16/14: Rialto CA business:
Rialto CA

12/7/13: Blips, but more importantly, what’s making all that racket?

10/24/13: A reporter caught an EVP of a child laughing while interviewing us for Inland Empire Weekly magazine. Listen closely; just before the child laughs, you can hear Kd say, “Thank you” because the child was touching my K-2 EMF meter and lighting it up!:

11/30/13: Moreno Valley CA residence:
Moreno Valley residence


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2 Responses to Evidence?

  1. Dale Smith says:

    Why are your videos unavailable? I would love to view and listen to your research.

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