Cal~Para in the Media

Cal~Para Research – in the news…

10/26/16: Many thanks to the Redlands Daily Facts newspaper for running an article about us.  Hoping to inform the public about what ‘ghost hunting’ is really about!

Photo by Frank Perez Imagery

6/21/16: Our producer is back!  After the TV network guy was in a car wreck, our show was put on hiatus.  We are now back in talks for filming our pilot.  If the network never picks it up, it has been a blast.  We also appreciate the chance to encourage them to be factual and not hype the field for ‘entertainment’.

6/1/16: Cal~Para asked to educate the public with two seminars; one for teens and one for adults.  Check out our event page!

5/4/16: Super huge news!  Cal~Para currently in talks with well-known comedienne about teaching them to ghost hunt. UPDATE: 6/1/16: The comedienne is concerned that that spirits won’t ‘respond on camera’.  Yeah, we feel ya.  It takes a lot of dedication to just sit there and wait for spirits to whisper. ;)

3/30/16: Cal~Para interviewed on ‘X’ Zone Radio
Web Radio Interview

1/5/16: New video in the works with Cal~Para!

11/18/15: Totally cool!  Cal~Para selected to be in documentary filmed at haunted location.  The spirits really acted up (on cue?)!!!

10/27/15: Many thanks to Highland Community News online newspaper for interviewing members of Cal~Para about how we try to help the public: Haunting Highland: Cal-Para Investigations

10/26/15: Well how gosh darn nice!  This online mag listed us without us knowing or asking – Thank You!

10/20/15: Cal~Para Research in talks with local college AV dept for upcoming documentary about the paranormal.

Team member Teri researches ghosts on TV:

9/27/15: Cal~Para in talks to star in short fiction film about ghost hunters…

9/27/15: Local news article
Ghost hunters visit California Theater

3/31/15: The news clip is up! Thanks to all that participated…

3/13/15: Thank you to KFON TV news for covering our community service event!

11/9/14: Met with a producer to talk about featuring our group in a new paranormal TV show.  Film-test is on 11/22/14!

10/31/14: Interviewed about our research at a local haunted manor.  One of our members used to babysit there! HALLOWEEN: Ghost stories rise from Inland area

9/28/14: The article is out!  Check out the October edition of the Inland Empire Magazine – page 44!

2014.0928 calpara article 001

9/19/14: Another request from a college student to be their focus of the paranormal field.  We are honored to be selected to help inform the general public!

8/7/14: Uploaded onto YouTube – our new funny paranormal film.  Check it out:

7/24/14: Cal~Para was contacted by a southern CA magazine to be in their Halloween issue – huzzah!

7/17/14: IT’S DONE and it’s in our hands!! Our new promo commercial is cute, short, and funny!  Will be premiering it on Saturday, 7/26/14, at the Graber Con paranormal conference!  We will be guest speakers from 2-2:30pm – come hear important info!

6/12/14: Cal~Para worked hard on our new commercial.  Hoping to find a way to post it here; should be ready in a week or so.  May just post the YouTube link…

5/29/14: Cal~Para interviewed on the radio by Stefan Brigati!  Here is the link:

10/24/13: Huzzah! Our 2nd article is out! Cal~Para Research is featured in the October issue of Inland Empire Weekly. The reporter even caught an EVP – WOW! Read about it here:

10/16/13: It’s here! Cal~Para Research featured in October ‘Halloween’ issue of the 909 Magazine: Thanks to team members Rayna, Sue, John, and Alfred for your awesome research!

10/3/13: Cal~Para was interviewed by IE Weekly Magazine!  Look for the Halloween article coming out this month!

8/13/13: Cal~Para has been interviewed for a possible Halloween article.  Will keep you all updated if it’s published.

7/8/13: It’s here!  The release of the fictional paranormal/romance novel in which we were consulted.  Support the Arts! :)

5/13/13: Cal~Para is in talks to star in a short paranormal clip!

3/23/13: Cal~Para was contacted for academic research. Thanks for the opportunity to dispel myths and provide accuracy to the general public!!

1/12/13: Cal~Para gets interviewed by The Ghost Host: Sophia and Gian Temperilli!

1/5/13:  Cal~Para is pleased to report that our group has been chosen to collaborate with a So-Cal author for an upcoming paranormal book!

Long ago…
10/20/10: Cal~Para members interviewed by ABC News for local haunting.

3/17/08: Back in the early days, Kd founded the group, Inland Empire Paranormal Investigations; this article was about us: