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  • 10/23/19: Cal~Para featured in ‘Haunted’ episode: Spectrum of Innovation News
  • 10/3/19: JDS Studios and Creative Academy would like to feature Cal~Para Research in an upcoming episode!
  • 7/29/19: Don’t miss one of our SCARIEST cases showcased on the TV show ‘A Haunting’ on the Travel Channel! Travel Channel: A Haunting episode
  • 7/10/19: CalPara featured on the Paranormal King podcast:
  • 3/12/19: Recording a podcast about the paranormal. The Richard Spasoff Show
  • 2/21/19: Just wow!  Filming for an upcoming episode of ‘A Haunting’ TV show today.
  • 1/22/19: Gearing up to film an episode for a new paranormal TV show. (This is a different show than referred to below on 1/15/19) It will focus on one of the most dangerous homes where we tried to help a client.
  • 1/15/19: What’s this??? One of our team members has been asked to STAR on a new paranormal TV show! We are waiting for the final word. How cool is that???


  • 10/20/18: Cal~Para featured in KFON’s Halloween TV special.  See it here: kfontvca-CalPara Research
  • 8/15/18: Queen Mary haunted archives posts Cal~Para Research’s contribution to the para field.  Many thanks to tour guide Matt and ParaXplorer for keeping track of all the possible spirits on the ship!  POW on Queen Mary
  • 8/6/18: Cal~Para Research featured in the 100th episode of RedMercury podcast!
    Thanks to co-director Dyann Nielsen Miller for her help and @Michael Holton for his daring adventure into the paranormal!  100th Episode with CalPara Research
  • 7/25/18: Featured on Bailey Sarian Webshow “Bailey does…”! CalPara on ‘Bailey Does…’


  • 8/15/17: Yet another producer has moved forward in attempting to use Cal~Para team members on their upcoming shows.  Several sizzle reels later we are waiting to hear.
  • 8/21/17: Cal~Para Directors Kd and Dyann back on the radio! CalPara on Kaotic Rado
  • 7/24/17: Cal~Para Directors Kd and Dyann on webcast interview KCOR Digital Radio podcast
  • 7/24 & 25/2017: KMEX aired our episodes KMEX 34 Ghost Hunters 1
  • Episode 2: KMEX 34 Ghost Hunters 2
  • 7/14/17: Cal~Para has been asked to be the first investigators at a popular tourist location to help set up Ghost Tours!
  • 6/22/17: Cal~Para is in the Redlands Daily Facts newspaper
  • 6/20/17: Cal~Para is honored to be filmed and interviewed by KMEX Univsion TV channel 34!
  • 6/16/17: We are in the Yucaipa NewsMirror newspaper.


2016-calpara-news-2 Photo by Frank Perez Imagery

  • 6/21/16: Our producer is back!  After the TV network guy was in a car wreck, our show was put on hiatus.  We are now back in talks for filming our pilot.  If the network never picks it up, it has been a blast.  We also appreciate the chance to encourage them to be factual and not hype the field for ‘entertainment’.
  • 6/1/16: Cal~Para asked to educate the public with two seminars; one for teens and one for adults.  Check out our event page!
  • 5/4/16: Super huge news!  Cal~Para currently in talks with well-known comedienne about teaching them to ghost hunt. UPDATE: 6/1/16: The comedienne is concerned that that spirits won’t ‘respond on camera’.  Yeah, we feel ya.  It takes a lot of dedication to just sit there and wait for spirits to whisper. ;)
  • 3/30/16: Cal~Para interviewed on ‘X’ Zone Radio
    Web Radio Interview
  • 1/5/16: New video in the works with Cal~Para



  • 11/9/14: Met with a producer to talk about featuring our group in a new paranormal TV show.  Film-test is on 11/22/14!
  • 10/31/14: Interviewed about our research at a local haunted manor.  One of our members used to babysit there! HALLOWEEN: Ghost stories rise from Inland area
  • 9/28/14: The article is out!  Check out the October edition of the Inland Empire Magazine – page 44!

2014.0928 calpara article 001

  • 9/19/14: Another request from a college student to be their focus of the paranormal field.  We are honored to be selected to help inform the general public!
  • 8/7/14: Uploaded onto YouTube – our new funny paranormal film.  Check it out:
  • 7/24/14: Cal~Para was contacted by a southern CA magazine to be in their Halloween issue – huzzah!
  • 7/17/14: IT’S DONE and it’s in our hands!! Our new promo commercial is cute, short, and funny!  Will be premiering it on Saturday, 7/26/14, at the Graber Con paranormal conference!  We will be guest speakers from 2-2:30pm – come hear important info!
  • 6/12/14: Cal~Para worked hard on our new commercial.  Hoping to find a way to post it here; should be ready in a week or so.  May just post the YouTube link…
  • 5/29/14: Cal~Para interviewed on the radio by Stefan Brigati!  Here is the link:


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