How To Help a Spirit Cross Over

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How To Help a Spirit Cross Over
By Erin Pavlina

It’s extremely rare, but sometimes when people die they decide not to cross over. Instead, they hover and linger between our world and the next, sometimes hoping to somehow get back into their bodies, or sometimes because they fear judgment on the other side. I see this sometimes with folks who died accidentally and unexpectedly, with people who commit suicide, with people who were murdered, and with people who have committed a heinous moral crime against another human being and fear being judged and sent to hell.

If a spirit decides to linger, they will often “hang out” in their home, or where they died, or around loved ones. This can result in a haunting, which sounds worse than it is, because most spirits are benign. Occasionally you’ll get a nasty spirit who wants to harm you or scare you, but most often they’re just lingering, hoping for connection, or hoping to stay out of hell (can’t blame them for that, although there is no real hell so it’s a real shame they feel the need to hover).

So what can you do? Is there a way to help a spirit cross over into the light, into the warm loving embrace of Source, where they will merge back with Love? Yes there is.

Untimely Death
Someone who dies unexpectedly often can’t let go right away. Perhaps they have unfinished business. Perhaps they feel they need to get a message to a loved one before they cross over, believing that once they cross over they won’t be able to make contact.

If this is the type of lingering spirit you’ve got, then your best bet is to give them their say. If you know how to communicate with the dead, tune in and let them tell you what they need to tell you. I’ve had spirits tell me where their will is, what their computer password is for their family, and the name of their murderer. If you are not skilled in this, contact a good medium and see if he or she can channel a message for you. If you want to communicate on your own, develop your intuitive modalities, learn to lucid dream, or raise your vibration and meditate your way into a conversation with them.

Once they feel they’ve been heard, they will cross over.

Death by Suicide
When people take their own life, often they feel regret, guilt, or shame once it’s done. Some don’t feel they deserve to be in “heaven” so they keep themselves here. Some carry with them such a strong feeling of remorse, that they just can’t go on. They stick around, beseeching their loved ones for understanding and forgiveness, and sometimes there is unfinished business as well.

If this is the type of spirit lingering around you, send them forgiveness and understanding as best you can. Maybe that can’t happen right away, but the spirit needs to know it’s okay to move on and that you forgive them. Use the same methods described above to connect with them.

Once they feel forgiven they often cross over.

One of the most common spirits that linger are those that fear they are going to hell. They know they’ve done wrong and can’t imagine being forgiven. Unfortunately, when they linger it’s usually not a good thing. Their fear, anger, and guilt can cause them to become mean and nasty while in limbo. Their energy is often dark, low and negative. This may manifest in ways that scare you or can even harm you. You want to get them unattached from you or your location as soon as possible.

For this type of spirit, I don’t really recommend talking to them if you don’t have experience with psychic self-defense or mediumship. It can turn ugly on you real fast. Contact a medium (Robin) experienced with these types of spirits and leave it to them. Otherwise you risk losing a lot of your energy as they siphon it away from you, or of anchoring them to your location, or attaching them to your person. It’s no good any way you slice it.

If you are a medium
If you are a medium and are called in to help cross over a spirit, the first thing you want to do is make contact with them. It’s helpful if you have a member of their family present who can help you verify what the spirit is telling you.

Once you’ve established communication, pass along any messages from them to their family and vice versa. Sometimes a conversation is all they need to release their hold on this life. If no family is present, then reassure the spirit that you will pass along the messages if you can, or if there is no family you can connect with, then simply listen and reassure them that they no longer need to worry about what’s going on here, and that they can safely and comfortably release and cross over.

Most often a spirit will be happy to let go and move on. If you connect with a spirit who stubbornly refuses to cross over, especially one that is bothering a family or person or location, then you’ll have to call in the big guns. Ask archangel Michael to assist you by either escorting the spirit across the threshold or by offering a shield to the family or location so that the spirit can’t bother them anymore. Be sure you advise the family how to prevent themselves from unwittingly inviting the spirit back.

Bottom Line
You can talk to anyone who has crossed over and they will hear you. You can talk to them out loud or telepathically, as long as you’re thinking about them hard and directing your energy at them, they will receive the message. You may not always hear them back if you don’t know how to tune in to energy from the other side, but at the very least you can rest assured knowing they DO hear you. Send reassurance, love, forgiveness, and compassion to those who linger. It’s in everyone’s best interest for those that have died to cross over fully.

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