There is hope for the paranormal strange!

There is hope for the paranormal strange!

A few of you may remember a previous post about a home that we investigated in Hemet, CA.  I felt helpless that some negative energy was tearing apart a home and that our paranormal team was just not unconventional enough to go beyond the ‘usual’.

Good things come to those that wait – and search!  Thanks to our pal, Tomy Durant, a noted demonologist who will be taking on this case to assist the family.

First, he told me that the advice about destroying a home-made Ouija board (which I got online from a seemingly reputable site) was NOT GOOD.  The website had said if it was home-made, that it could safely be cut into 7 pieces, and buried in seven locations in the backyard with each piece sprinkled with Holy Water.  Tomy says this will probably increase activity.  It did.

In our defense, our group has investigated collectively over 500 locations over the past 8 years – both together and individually.  We know what we’re doing and approach our research professionally.  However this house had such a severe destructive energy when we walked in that I thought about turning us around and walking right back out the door!

We stayed and learned of the many triangles being drawn by unseen hands on their walls – at first weekly, now almost daily.  Usually the spirits use the various available bottles of nail polish at this home, but have gone as far as scraping and scratching it into the walls.  The client found their pick-axe standing on its head on the staircase, their guitar balanced on the top of the door, and additional poltergeist activity around the home.

We researched, got angry EVPs (you know the drill, ‘Get out!’ etc.), advised sage, sea-salt, a priest – but I felt like it was not enough.  Now our fingers are crossed that Tomy can get control of it all.

The points he made are worth sharing:

  • Destroying any Ouija board should be done by experts.  Please don’t post a version of how to do that if it is not valid.
  • This may not necessarily be demonic, but the triangles are geometric shapes used to intimidate the family; the entities are feeding off their fear.
  • There is a believed energy gained through using geometric shapes.

The final point I’d like to make is this: notice the ‘unity’??  So much has been written about “Paranormal Unity” lately; it’s the latest bandwagon to spout about but not jump onto.  I’ve witnessed too many fellow investigators insisting on it in one breath, and tearing down or hindering someone’s research in the next.

THIS is actual unity – and it just may save a family’s home and sanity!

~Hoping that you reflect on your definition and behaviors regarding unity.   Remember: keep researching!


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3 Responses to There is hope for the paranormal strange!

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  2. Rayna says:

    Very nice statement KD. My best and prayers will be with Tomy Durant. Good Luck.

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