High Electromagnetic Fields and the Paranormal

High Electromagnetic Fields and the Paranormal

The closer you get to the paranormal research field, the more you will begin to constantly hear the term “EMF” used.  EMF stands for electromagnetic field.

An electromagnetic field is a natural occurrence of electrical and magnetic properties – or it can be created or caused by electrical appliances.  Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and some TVs and radios can emit high levels of EMFs.  There are other instances of faulty wiring that increases EMF output.

In our everyday lives, we are frequently around objects that have normal and high ranges of EMFs.  As paranormal researchers, we have heard that constant exposure can possibly cause short or long-term health effects.

The Environmental Protection Agency has decided that one’s exposure to the magnetic fields, rather than the electrical, is what we should be most concerned about – if concerned at all.

When an appliance is plugged in, but turned off, the electrical field around it still exists.  But for the magnetic field to occur, the item must be plugged in and turned on.  It’s also easy to shield yourself from electrical fields with commonly available materials, but magnetic fields can get through anything.

In America, we use 60hertz-AC which means electrical currents alternate at a rate of 60 times per second.  When we are exposed to higher levels, we run the risk of ‘heating up biological tissue by vibrating molecules’.  What does this mean health-wise to you?

First, an explanation of how and what we measure when investigating…

A milligauss is 1/1000th of a gauss (mG).  Magnetic fields are measured by milligauss.  The average American home will have ranges from 0.5 – 4.0mG, depending on what electrical objects are in it, and how new they are.  Older models tend to ‘leak’ EMFs due to faulty wiring or lesser production requirements.

Remember when mom told you to “sit away from the TV” while watching it?  She may not have been aware why, but your exposure to high EMFs was potential.  Today’s TVs have a 20mG compared to a common can opener, which can have between 500-1500mG in just the few seconds of using it!  It’s just not insulated enough.

Now the interesting part.  Remember we all thought we knew that high EMF exposure could affect us?  Even though there has been comprehensive research during the past 20 years, the result of these test regarding health risks triggered by EMF exposure remains mixed.  According to the Connecticut Dept. of Health, ‘Some studies have suggested a link between EMF exposure in electrical workers and leukemia and brain cancer. Other similar studies have not found such associations.’

But there are other reported possible physical or psychological changes: nausea, paranoia, increased headaches, hallucinations, and confusion.  While many articles have been written about how over-exposure to high EMFs can cause these symptoms, the World Health Organization (WHO) concludes that “there is no known scientific basis for these problems.”  In other words, being exposed to ‘natural’ high EMFs is NOT known to cause the above.

So what does this mean – especially regarding the paranormal research field?

Spirits have been said to be a form of energy and able to cause EMF readings to intensify.  They not only increase the EMFs, but are most likely able to recharge from other electrical or magnetic sources around the location.  It is believed that they can even absorb some energy from the living.  So if we have breathing people who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and spirits shifting the energy levels around them – I’m sure it’s bound to make some individuals suddenly feel uneasy.  This new conclusion says it’s not the man-made objects with high EMFs causing the headaches or hallucinations, but rather the spirits causing them!

Let me repeat that.  Every time you’ve told a client that their sightings of shadow people in the night was due to exposure of high EMFs from the old TV – it’s possible that was actually a spirit instead.  Just because you could show them that the TV had high EMFs, does not mean a spirit didn’t prance across the room.  Perhaps they did not hallucinate!

This, of course, is just theory at this point.  But my intent was to make you research, study, and rethink some old paranormal thought-patterns – like I did.

~Hoping to keep us expanding, increasing, developing, and strengthening our paranormal learning.   :)

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