That Final Side of Paranormal

That Final Side of Paranormal

Another great paranormal investigator has passed away.  Mostly well-known on the western coast of the USA, Gerry Reynolds truly contributed to the research and progressive development of understanding spirit interaction.  You can find his countless hours of ghostly results here:

We at Cal~Para Research had the honor of investigating with him at least ten times and he became a close personal friend to us.  He was respected and admired by many, even when being a bit fussy about the integrity of evidence.  He had some strict political views and was the biggest Rams fan in the football world.

He recently struggled with health issues which finally claimed his body’s ability to survive this past weekend.  The outpouring of love on his Facebook page has been PHENOMENAL.

Which brings me to my point: did we tell him how much we loved him when he was alive?

I know I personally did, but the suggestion here is embrace, love, forgive others NOW before you post a memorial to them after they have passed.  I’m happy to report that in the past five years, we have seen a slight lean towards unity and the sharing of paranormal knowledge – instead of the previous paranoia and one-upmanship that had actually been engulfing the network.

We learned a lot from Gerry and he humbly acknowledged he learned a lot from us.  Now he has the answers that the rest of us are seeking.

R.I.P. Gerry; we thank you for the experiences you shared.

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