Paranormal Hysteria

We recently agreed to be on a Spanish-speaking TV channel because they promised to replicate our respect for the deceased souls we run into.  After watching the two episodes, we do not feel it was respectful – to the living!

The show included segments of plates flying and balls rolling – all of which never happened while we were being filmed as we investigated.  Nor did we ever suggest that these things had happened at the two locations where we were filmed.  Families were interviewed and seemed to sense that the more they were enthusiastically scared on camera, the more air-time they might get.

We all wonder what our 15 minutes of fame might look like, but we at Cal~Para Research feel that the increased hype of demons, possessions, and negative spirit interactions shown by the media is doing NOTHING to help the families that truly have paranormal issues in their home.  Many locations that we go to have nothing more than a tired, bewildered former human who is now a lost soul hoping to be left alone or wondering how to get to their next journey.

Inciting the viewers to become interested in the paranormal, is advocating that these viewers actively take up ‘ghost hunting’ themselves.  And guess what?  The only style they can mimic is the loud, aggressive, in-your-face method shown so often on today’s supernatural shows.  This can create a dangerous situation for those new to the field and certainly frighten the homeowners looking for relief.

We would love for a network to show an authentic paranormal show – complete with the cobweb-inducing moments of sitting, sitting, sitting there in the dark waiting for spirit interaction.  Most genuine ghost hunting consists of a lot of hours of NO evidence or connection, followed by a few moments of interaction that is pulled and stretched until we can make sense of it.

Cal~Para Research has a mission to respectfully, and honestly, learn about life after death, and help all those we can along the way.  We’re hoping you’ll join us.

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2 Responses to Paranormal Hysteria

  1. Rafaela Verdialez says:

    I wish I could get more remedies to remove or send my family members to the light they are attached to me. They passed on. I use sage and or special incense. Salt in the rooms weekly. Prayers and calling guardian angels and Archangels. What else can be done?

    • Rafaela: two of the WORST things you can do near spirits is to use sage or salt!!!! That’s a very old custom that is originally from the Native Americans.
      Sage is/was used by them to EMPOWER the spirit around them – in hopes of messages etc.
      Salt is a crystalline substance that BLOCKS spirits and traps them in home.
      Please stop using both!!!
      Unfortunately, there are some websites copying this OLD information and passing it on to the unsuspecting readers. Paranormal research has made great strides since then and have learned that those are the two to NEVER use.
      Spirits that have positive intentions move when they feel it’s time to go. We cannot make them leave, but we can set boundaries.
      Spirits with negative intentions can be made uncomfortable and provided less energy so that they move on.
      If you want to smudge your home, use cedar or palo santo sticks instead <3

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