Spirit in your Pocket?

Is there a ghost in your pocket?  It seems to be that way lately!

Cal~Para Research usually strives to help homes that feel nervous or frightened by potential paranormal activity.  This consists of things disappearing, noises, shadows, appliances turning on and off by themselves, etc.

We have a team go in and try to communicate with the spirit(s) and help the homeowner understand what is going on, why it might be happening, and how to use as many natural remedies as it takes to help the spirits move on.

Lately, our email has been flooded for the past six months with people saying there is an attachment or spirit that follows them around – in and OUT of their home!

Spirit attachments are more rare than home hauntings.  At least it used to be that way.  Spirits seemed to take up residence and if they were not a loved one with messages, then they went out of their way to rid the home of the living; acting up in order to spook people enough to move out.

Now, it’s either the hype on TV and in the media that has this new wave of hysteria happening, or….. it’s truly happening!

At a recent paranormal conference near Gettysburg PA, we had the honor of talking with Dave Juliano, who not only runs his own paranormal group in New Jersey, but specializes in negative hauntings and attachments.  I think he might also be a member of the clergy.

His best advice is easy to pass on:

  • STOP whatever behaviors that might have caused a spirit to try to attach.  This would include addictions and/or exposure to negative environments.
  • If you can rid yourself of the spirit, but continue the behaviors, you have a chance that it or another will come back.
  • Go with what YOU believe in for protection: if you are Christian, prayer can help.  If you follow Native American traditions, certain herbs/plants can help.  If you believe in New Age/Metaphysical healings, protective stones can help.

You can find out more about Dave here: http://www.davejuliano.com/

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