What is your paranormal goal?

Here’s something many do not get asked: What is your paranormal GOAL?

Many of us jump into this field as a result of watching a few TV paranormal shows or a handful of the ghost movies that are out, hoping to have our own personal experience of skeletons popping up.  The shows and movies, however, are created for entertainment purposes.  We’ve talked with a few ‘stars’ of the TV shows who told us that if there was no evidence at a location, it was edited in anyway.  What you see on TV is usually not real nor a good replication of how an investigation commonly goes.

After viewing these exciting performances, some dream of actually getting their own new TV show.  We get emails weekly from wanna-be producers with the next best idea for a paranormal program: exploring sunken ships, chasing down historical deceased figures, etc.  All have the idea that they can capitalize on the current wave of interest in looking for spirits.  Needing a new angle is their cornerstone and having the “right kind of people” in the show creates a biased unrealistic group of inexperienced actors pretending to lead the public viewers with creative ways to make ghosts respond.  Toss in a pretty girl or a demonstrative boy shouting and challenging the spirits to come out and play, and the show might be the next success.

For every person that dreams of media success, there are another 1,000 that are actively seeking to learn about ghost hunting knowing that they will never be on any TV screen.  But some of these individuals still have the wrong paranormal goal.  With hundreds of new ghost hunting groups popping up every month in your neighborhoods, we are now saturated with a bunch of inexperienced, misled people who are seeking to gain local accolades for being the next best thing: a prominent group with all the latest beeping equipment.  Owning all this equipment does not make one knowledgeable about how to treat clients – or spirits – with respect.  We have witnessed these groups whooping and hollering that everything around them happening is related to spirit activity… a sure sign of naivety.  This amateur focus is often the source of irresponsibility to the clients whom are expecting assistance in a frightening situation.  Imagine asking a group to come into your home to help remove a ghost only to find out they have only six months experience and strive to imitate TV shows as their mentor!

So what IS your paranormal goal?

Here are our thoughts:

  1. It should be to learn as much as you can, from as many sources as possible – knowing that you will hear conflicting resolutions, but having the common sense to choose which is best for your given situation.
  2. It should be about setting personal limits; to not crave the public adoration and praises so much that one is willing to use spells to conjure up spirit activity – or lies to degrade others in the paranormal field.
  3. It should be to NOT seek fame and fortune based on the misplacement of lost souls whom are seeking guidance, forgiveness, and direction.
  4. It should be to test out your equipment against natural sources to learn how soil, water, electricity, and temperatures can shift your outcome.
  5. It should be to learn what is safe or dangerous for you, your teammates, the clients, and the spirits when attempting to contact and influence ghosts.
  6. It should be to explore methods that protect everyone involved and deflect residual damage.
  7. It should be to educated the general public about what is actual and falsified in the paranormal field.

We don’t seek public recognition for our help.  No TV show is going to make our actions advanced or superior.  We are in this field to assist – clients and spirits.  That’s it.  We don’t need your applause.  After any investigation, a client telling us that all is calm is thanks enough.

We hope that some of you seek that also.


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5 Responses to What is your paranormal goal?

  1. Melodie Brookman says:

    Hello well it has nothing to do with watching TV or Hollywood movies which is all fake even though it may say “based on fact or true “ ! I would have to say after my own experience and still living in a nightmare that my paranormal goal is to have God and Jesus finally after almost 12 years of having 3 demonic attachments to have gone from my life for ever! Unfortunately though reality is no further from the truth that we humans still know very little about what is actually going on the other side with the paranormal or what most would describe “ heaven hell and earth and the different dimensions “ !

  2. kerberos616 says:

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  3. Revelation Paranormal says:

    Your goals, as stated, as exactly what ours are.

    We have also witnessed amateurs in the field, trespassing, contriving evidence and being disrespectful to all involved, including fellow investigators. These same amateurs have stated that they can summon entities in order to obtain the evidence they want or need, evidence being their only goal. Not only is that extremely stupid, it’s very dangerous.

    Their goal seems to be thrills, chills and money. We find that reprehensible. We have many, many friends in the paranormal community and all are trusted and have established a name through hard work. Their reputation is earned through years of investigating and presenting facts instead of squealing over a garbled recorded sound and calling it paranormal.

    It is our responsibility to inform the public about these teams and their intentions before they allow one of them into their home and they knowingly deposit a negative entity there.

    Our best to you and your team as we both strive to better our paranormal community and those that participate in it.

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