No it can’t be fixed in one day…it takes time to help spirits move on

Lately, it seems as if we’ve come across a few stubborn spirits.  Is this a new trend with them or did we just “luck out”?  Our issue is not with the spirits; our concern is to get the clients to understand that it may take time to help spirits move on.

TV and the media will have anyone believe that ghosts can be located, communicated with (sometimes argued with), messages received, and persuaded to move on to their next journey – all within 60 minutes.  This just is not going to happen.

Experienced paranormal investigators know that often spirits tend to get quiet once we arrive.  We are strangers to them and as with the living, it takes a while to warm up and trust us.   Many times the spirits are not familiar with how our equipment works or helps them communicate, and then there are spirits that just don’t care to chat via lights and meters.

Yet the frightened family has allowed us into their home hoping that if we wave the right wand it will all go away.  Tonight.  The moment we leave.

We hate to refer to spirits as a ‘cancer’, but just like a bad cold or infection it’s going to take time.  It might be instant, but more than likely it will take days, weeks, and sometimes months.  Yes, we said months.

We don’t go into homes to completely remove spirits.  We go into homes to confirm or deny potential spirit activity as compared with possible natural causes.  Once we determine that there may be ghosts, we smudge the home and give the client tools to use as well as a list of advice.  Then the client must become responsible to rid their home of any pesky spirit.

It’s simply the dynamics of who is where – because it will take daily use of the tools and advice to cleanse and clear out the home.  Paranormal groups are not at the location day after day, but the client is.

If spirits could be encouraged to leave within 60 minutes, most would not be lingering.   As we research about their energy and our Earthly energies, we have learned what they will tolerate, what causes them to stick around, what helps convince them to move on.

But it’s a slow process and clients must be vigilant about continuing the remedies even when progress seems out of reach.  Just like a doctor says to take antibiotics for 10 days, one cannot stop because they ‘feel better’ after three days.  The germs will sneak back – and so will the spirits.

We are also confident enough to say: any group/person that “guarantees” removal of spirits in one short visit (and usually for one nice fee!) is misleading, disrespectful, and inexperienced.

So the ‘bad’ news is that it might take a week or two.  The good news is it can be done.

Be patient.

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