Difference in Empath, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium and Healer

We didn’t write this, but found it interesting that our sensitive energies have been catagorized…do you agree?


By Lynn Zambrano

What are the differences? The definitions have become interchanged and confused. Lets take a moment to review and clarify so that you will connect with the right reader and get the most from your session.

Intuition is a right brain process that taps into subconscious information in order to provide guidance about everyday life. Being intuitive means that you able to tap into subconscious information in order to receive guidance about your every day life. Intuition can be used to receive guidance about your own life (personal intuition) or to help other people (professional intuition). People who are intuitive are not necessarily psychic. Being intuitive is about receiving guidance to make better decisions in your life, and helping guide others in theirs.

Being psychic, also know as being clairvoyant, means that you can perceive information that cannot be perceived through the normal senses (also called Extra Sensory Perception – ESP). That can include predicting the future, talking to non-physical beings (dead people, spirits) and being able to sense missing objects or people. Being psychic is about sensing information that other people can’t usually access.

A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned his or her extrasensory perception and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world. A medium is able to become completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirit people vibrate.

Empath means that you feel other people’s emotions as your own. For example, if someone around you is very angry you might start to feel angry yourself, even though there is no direct reason for you to feel this way. According to Wikipedia, “observing another person’s emotional state activates parts of the neuronal network involved in processing that same state in one, whether it is disgust, touch, or pain”. Empaths have the ability to scan another’s energy for thoughts, feelings and possibly for past, present, and future life occurrences.

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5 Responses to Difference in Empath, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium and Healer

  1. Windwarrior7 says:

    That clears things up a bit.

  2. daftasabrush46 says:

    Know the joys of being an empath. Why i prefer to run with the doctors’ diagnosis of socio phobia – too hard to explain, or get laughed out of the room. Amongst other things my late mother was very precognitive. That another category or where do you think that would fall into on this list? Bon weekend from a Wild Goose in northern France.

    • Precognitive is considered a form of ESP – psychic.

    • daftasabrush46 says:

      Murky buckets as they say in French Cal Para. Life was complicated enough before, but now i need to translate it all. Thankfully fiancée’s family all have had one sort of other weird experience or other than makes it at least a little easier with the new family. Great when you transplace, and find another group of strange folk. Some of the things my late mother used to do was announce the phone was going to ring, who it was, what it was about (ditto the doorbell), and what could be the result. In earlier times they may have burnt her as a witch, despite her being a regular church goer. She was well aware of all the weird phenomenon going on in our old Victorian “haunted house” though, never in front of my disbelieving father would she talk of the happenings.Locked or bolted doors opening, different sorts of footsteps on stairs, and stone floors, carpeted in our time, blah de blah de blah – a 24/7 plethora of phenomenon. My mum never encouraged me and tried to give me the usual “logical” explanation, but we both knew it wasn’t. Experiences tailed off as just passed half century, but still see and sense it all. Like the people with UFO experiences (been there too the odd time) it repeats, and language makes little difference (the idea pressed into your head) despite having lived in northern France where they speak an ungrammatical dialect (possibly showing “the Aul Alliance” between Scotland and France), and now can pick up strange etherial convos in local ch’ti dialect. Normal, Wtfs normal?! Sorry for the waffle. Rare find interesting and correct article to even bother to respond to, so do have a terrible tendency to waffle on, when find someone who seems to understand the subject mater. Bonne soirrée et bon weekend from an Irish Wild Goose whose flown to northern France. Any further north and we’d be in Belgium – want any cheaper ciggies or baccy biloute?!

      • You are right! We have found that many times some type of psychic ability seems to trickle down through the family. It’s almost a ‘recessive gene’ like green eyes or red hair. The scientists should study it! :)

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