What about the spirits that just won’t go away?

Well, I’m happy to say that we won.

But before we got there…

We had a client recently with a young daughter that was seeing and hearing things.  Big things.  Like an 8 foot man with boots on standing in her kitchen!  Pictures constantly falling off walls, the dog barking nightly and nothing in the corner, TVs turning on or off at will – the usual.

After our investigation, we gave the client some home remedies to try.  I have to say, this client did EVERYTHING we asked and as often as was necessary.  The spirit stayed and continued to disrupt the home.

So we stepped up the frequency and added more ‘solutions’.  The spirit stayed and continued disruption.

We once again increased the frequency of the “cures”.  The spirit stayed.

What is one to do???  It did not warrant an exorcism; it was just a pesky spirit that came into the home attached to an object with a questionable history.  The object had been removed, the home had been steamed with lavender, bay leaves, sea salt, prayers, behaviors changed, protective stones added, jasmine, and a slew of other things.  There simply is no waving of a wand as many hope will be the cure.

So what ended up working??? Persistence. Yes, it requires many days of diligently doing the easy and small suggestions that we give to our clients.  Too often, when we follow up with a phone call to see how things are going, some clients complain about activity still occurring in their homes or businesses.  It was easy to try everything ONE TIME.

I think the best lesson here, and the best advice, is: when the doctor gives you 10 days of antibiotics to cure something, it will not do you any good to stop after 5 days just because you feel better.  Things could come back.  And they do.  Therefore, continue your personal stand against the spirits that intrude and there should be a day when you genuinely notice improvement.

Or as my dentist says: Only floss the teeth you want to keep.

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