Paranormal Help When It’s Not Safe

Last night, the group went to a whole new level – at least the investigating did.

The complaint was that triangles were being drawn on the walls with nail polish, carved into the walls, as well as scratches (red flag!) on the 15-year-old daughter – all after she played with a home-made Ouija board in her room.

I should have known better. I think a priest would have been better suited to ‘help’ the family.

During our investigation, it seemed that new triangles were appearing and nail polish was being placed strategically around the house – all the while accounting for team members and family members. In other words, it seemed like none of them could be doing it.

We did the usual EVP sessions, used our K-2 meters, IR cameras, etc. Said the prayer of St. Michael and a Pranic prayer before AND after our investigation. But the energy in that home was unlike any other place I’ve been too. Being a little psychic, I tend to stick my “antenna” out at each new place to help pick up on any extra information. Last night, however, all angels around me said to NOT do that – it would make me too vulnerable.

I’ve had one spirit attempt to take over me years ago. I recognized that I suddenly was not ‘me’, stood up and told it to LEAVE ME ALONE. That seemed to work back then. I remember seeing my team-mates through my eyes, but being ‘behind’ someone else inside my own head. Never want to go through that again.

Last night, the energy was thick and not positive (red flag). I kept my antenna in and tried to dissipate the growing feeling that my emotions were going haywire – quickly. I felt sadness, anger, and overwhelmed…much like the homeowner often does. So I continued to focus internally on what I KNEW: what was good in my life, what realities in this world I knew existed. That seemed to help the emotional energy settle down.

We were very careful to not ask for a name during this particular research. With all I’ve heard (thank you Ryan Buell), I don’t want to know or hear any non-Earth walking energy by name. We also were very careful about wording our questions so that we were never challenging or confronting any spirit energy there.

Side note: the house was a mess, but I don’t blame the residents. They struggle to make ends meet and I’m sure they are glad to have a roof over their head. I don’t judge. However, a few of them have dabbled in Wiccan mindset here or there over the years. Not much, but possibly enough to create an environment that’s receptive to the night the daughter played with the Ouija board.

Fast forward to last night: knowing what I know, what I assume, what I’ve learned… how can I help them?
Sure, I can send the report and collected evidence in 7-10 days. And I advised them sea-salt, incense, ignoring, prayers, and even that ‘bowl of water under the bed’ trick.

But something is off today. When I left, I announced to the invisible air inside my car that if anything was in there coming with me to get out. I did a Pranic disconnect by gathering all the ‘strings’ and cutting them. I’m just not sure if we’ve done enough. What good will it be for them to read a report that confirms anything is there.

We cannot remove it – remember…. free will.

So I wish them well, hope for the best, and choose to NOT be Superman next time. I want to explore life after death – Earthly death from a human body, not any of this other scary and potentially dangerous stuff.

I hope this blog helps someone else in the future. :)

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