Paranormal Unity

April 26, 2012

 By: Nick Lantz

There is a phrase bouncing around in the paranormal community that is meaningful yet controversial. The phrase is “Paranormal unity.” This term is the ideal outlook of the paranormal field. Many believe this is unrealistic and will never be achieved.

But what is paranormal unity? Paranormal unity is everyone coming together to help others and find the truth. Let’s say that a team captures a photo with an incredible anomaly that can’t be explained. Before presenting the photo as evidence, they send it to a photographer and get his/her expert opinion on it. That is paranormal unity.

A fairly inexperienced team gets involved in a case that has characteristics of an extreme haunting. The members set aside their egos and reach out to a more experienced team or person for help. It’s not about adding another notch to the old belt, it’s about doing what it takes to help the client. That is paranormal unity.

Working with others and helping each other with the sole purpose of helping people and furthering the progress of the field is what paranormal unity is all about. Pure intentions is what moves paranormal unity foreword.

At the core of this movement is the average investigator whose selfless actions bring about answers and peace of mind to the client. It is only with pure intentions and selfless actions that paranormal unity will be achieved.

Unfortunately paranormal unity will never be a reality, at least not on an overall scale. The key factor in the prevention of paranormal unity is ego. It’s a person’s ego that gets in the way of the overall goal of helping people and making progress in the field.

Some teams and individuals have animosity towards others and compete with each other. Liking everyone is not essential for the advancement of paranormal unity, but acting in a professional manner is. The paranormal field is not and should not ever be a competition.

There are way too many people getting involved in the field for the wrong reasons. It is unfortunate that some teams become consumed with the idea of getting on a TV show and reaching a “Celebrity status.” They forget what being a paranormal investigator is all about and become out of touch with themselves.

Having a TV show or a guest spot on a show can be a great opportunity to teach others and broaden your network of friends in the field, which is part of paranormal unity. However, some let their ego kick in and they forget why they got involved in the field in the first place. It is imperative that we don’t let the opportunity feed our egos in a negative way.

Cynicism is another obstacle for paranormal unity. There is number of people who are determined to ignore any possible explanations other than their own. They let their pride get in the way and are too arrogant to consider other possibilities to a solution other than the one they have concluded. They are not open to receive anyone else’s opinion or theories.

It’s important to remember that the overall goal is to find an answer or solution for the client. To do this, investigators must be open to all possibilities other than their own theories. A little humility could do a lot of good in this field.

If all investigators would try to truly help people and do it in a way that would most benefit the client, paranormal unity would become a reality. Although this will never be achieved on an overall scale, investigators can do their best to create unity in the paranormal filed as much as possible.

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