Twenty Common Ghost Hunting Mistakes

Never do the following:

1. NEVER Trespass: Watch out for any posted warning signs. Always ask for permission before going onto someone else’s property. Avoid all areas where access is prohibited. Trespassing will only get you thrown in jail or worse. Be careful.

2. NEVER Litter: Leave the area exactly as you found it. Pick up any trash, containers, and scraps of paper and tape. Wipe off any chalk marks unless the site is a secluded area and you plan on returning.

3. NEVER Go alone: Have at least one partner on ghost hunts, even if the person doesn’t know anything about ghost hunting. This provides a little more safety and also a witness to any strange events that might occur. If you’re alone and there’s an unforeseen accident or emergency, who will help?

4. NEVER Forget to Carry ID: If the police ever question you about being in a private area, you will need some form of picture identification, preferably a driver’s license. They do have the right to ask any citizen for an ID and if you don’t have one, they also have the right to detain you for questioning.

5. NEVER Forget to tell people where you are: Tell someone where you’ll be at and how long you plan on being gone. If you run late in the ghost hunt, call and explain the situation. Never leave friends or loved ones wondering where you are.

6. NEVER Record false equipment readings: Test all of your equipment several times before leaving on an investigation. Replace batteries as needed. Learn to correctly use all of the equipment before even thinking about trying to use them in the field. Remember to take background readings at the site.

7. NEVER Go directly to a site at night: Thoroughly check over the site in the daylight for any dangerous obstacles that may be invisible in the darkness.

8. NEVER Smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs: Don’t do anything that will impair your judgment or infect the site’s environment. Use common sense.

9. NEVER Wear cologne, after shave, or perfumes.  Never wear anything that creates a noticeable odor. The smells may infect other ghost hunter’s judgments. The air needs to be clear to detect any abnormal odors. Some outside ghost hunts may require misquote repellents. Use odor free bug sprays. Log their use.

10. NEVER Forget to carry a notebook: Everything needs to be recorded and logged. No detail is too small. Keep lists of events, actions, and times; record with audio and video if possible.

11. NEVER Forget to wear a watch: This goes along with the Logbook. You can’t record times if you don’t know what time it is.

12. NEVER Whisper: Always speak clearly, especially if you’re recording the ghost hunt. You don’t want to later confuse your whispering as something supernatural. If there are ghosts around your voice is not going to scare them off.

13. NEVER Forget to do research and profiles: To many ghost hunters don’t do the proper research before going out into the field. What they are failing to understand is that good research will only help them with the possibilities of seeing a ghost.

14. NEVER Use a car’s headlights as a main source of light: Sometimes a car’s headlights come in handy for setting up campsites or equipment, but don’t use them as a long-term light source. You could drain the battery enough that the car will not start.

15. NEVER Try to bring everything: Don’t try to carry along every piece of equipment. Just bring the basics and the equipment that you absolutely need. Getting bogged down will only take your attention away from the ghost hunt.

16. NEVER Forget to bring flashlights: Always have plenty of working flashlights. Everyone should have two flashlights on hand.

17. NEVER Forget extra batteries: Know what kind of batteries each piece of equipment takes and how to change them. Always carry extra sets of batteries.

18. NEVER Forget to take lots of pictures: Take as many photographs as you can. That goes the same for video. You can’t have enough of either. Just keep an eye on your film supplies. Don’t run out before the ghost hunt is over. Always have emergency rolls of film.

19. NEVER Forget to bring food and drinks: It may sound trivial, but you would be surprised how many ghost-hunts have been ruined or have been cut short because of the lack of snacks.

20. NEVER Go into any physically dangerous location: It may be tempting to conduct ghost hunts in old condemned buildings or on the edge of a spooky cliff side, but don’t do it. The risk is simply not worth it. Also, never go to any place when the weather conditions are bad. Ghost hunts are meant to be fun and it won’t be fun if someone gets hurt, has to go to the hospital, or worse.

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2 Responses to Twenty Common Ghost Hunting Mistakes

  1. Marion Tjagvad says:

    My problem is,I can not (will not) smudge my home because I do have a family of spirits that live here. They were willing to give me their names and that they died one after the other due to the Spanish epidemic back in 1920. After doing a research on this house, the man who built it was Thomas, he had a wife Elizabeth, a son Steven and a daughter Annie. Those names fit the names that the spirits gave to me. They are the family who died in 1920. They like us and have never been a problem to us. They do come and go. They will be gone for days at a time. My husband, his heart tends to sometimes beat too slow; on 2 separate occasions they have woke my husband. The just yelled Arthur loudly!! I know that they sensed his heart was beating way too slow and he was in danger!! Do you understand now why I will not smudge this house? I could NOT do that to this wonderful family!! Thomas built this house.I think Thomas and Elizabeth are happy that we take such good care of the house and land !! I have asked them to please do whatever it takes to keep dark entities out! We have never had a problem with anything dark!! But yes I am concerned about being followed home. I was looking on your site to see if you could tell me how to prevent that. I didn’t know if there was a binding ceremony. Our team does form a circle and pray for protection and to keep the spirits from following us home. Then we tell them “You are not permitted to follow any of us home!

    • Good moves to keep away dark energies. We would suggest that your team members also look into wearing or carrying protective stones. One of the best is Hematite. Most of us wear a bracelet or necklace made from the stone during investigations. If wearing as a bracelet, be sure to wear on your non-dominant wrist. In other words, if you are right-handed, wear on your left wrist. That is your ‘weak’ side and that is where negative spirits will attempt to harm you first.

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