The Hidden DANGERS of Paranormal Research

In this age of new shows such as “Ghosts Hunters”, “Medium”, “Supernatural” and many others which are adding to the collection of prime time paranormal theme television and the hype for others to seek out their own paranormal experiences while being inexperienced is increasing.

Many times this includes young teens as well as adults. This will soon further add to the criticism that our field will receive when these inexperienced and thrill seeking individuals make their way to into our realm.

At the same time, many more experienced individuals and groups within the paranormal investigative world have lacked a true sense of advocating the potential dangers that such individuals may encounter at both the euphoric moment and in the long duration of being involved with the unknown. Many of them just turn their heads and deny the existence of such dangers altogether.

I hope to address some of these concerns within this article. Furthermore, I will like to state that I am not trying to deter anyone away from such involvement but rather am trying to make sure such individuals make a conscious choice before hastily jumping into paranormal investigations or research. I also hope to better prepare such individuals for what they may encounter.

Most guides, articles, FAQ’s, etc. that are available make mention of the common sense dangers which many do overlook, even some of us more experienced individuals are guilty of this as well.

Most do not address the other dangers such as psychological effects, becoming a victim of what you are investigating and so much more. Remember this is a field of the unknowns!

Preparation (Prior to the Investigation)

Always prepare yourself for involvement with the paranormal both physically and


Physically assess the situation with someone prior to going on the actual investigation. Go to the investigative site during the daylight hours or when it is at its safest. Survey the full area and make notes of any potential dangers and even those conditions which do not seem dangerous during this time but would if elements such as no light, rain, snow, etc. would be added at that time. Do not forget to evaluate the human potential in such areas which would include identifying potential high crime areas where you see possible loitering, drug trafficking, abandoned buildings, broken glass, excessive littering, vandalism, begging, etc.

During your initial survey make notes of places where individuals could easily fall or trip, come into contact with live exposed electrical wiring or hot surfaces, moving mechanical equipment, wet slippery spots or other areas which could cause injury, weak flooring, sharp obstacles, etc. then return the day of your investigation or reach the site early enough so you can safely mark or block off all such areas with rope, tape, cardboard, etc. or illuminate these areas with glow sticks or other noticeable identification.

Know what the environmental conditions will be during the time of your actual investigation including the weather if outside.

Make sure you research and locate the emergency phone numbers for the local law enforcement and fire departments which have jurisdiction in the area of your investigation.

Know where the closest hospital or urgent care center is located and the directions to drive to such from the investigative site. Type these onto a piece of paper and include maps or lay out drawings of the investigative site with the dangerous areas noted and listed upon it. Ensure everyone in attendance has a copy and has reviewed it prior to entering the area.

Let others outside of your group, such as family or friends, know where and when you will be investigating a site and the approximate times for conducting such.

Be sure to have access to a phone during your investigation for emergency calls, carry a basic first aid kit, identification, your medical identification jewelry, your urgent medications such as asthmatic inhalers, ensure you have proper lighting and back up batteries and dress according to the hazards and conditions which will be present.


If possible, research the potential haunting in great detail through available articles, books, extensive interviews with other groups who may have investigated the location before and others who have been involved or witnessed such. Theorize what might be causing the haunting and of the potential unknown dangers that may be present.

Such areas to consider are:

  • Have others become distressed or ill when investigating or experiencing such?
  • Has anyone been physically attacked or pushed down before by the unknown?
  • Is there a history of dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc.?

Knowing such will prepare you and others in your group with what they may experience psychologically. This may also mentally prepare you for the potentially increased physical dangers as well, such as where being dizzy may cause falls, etc.

Take protective icons with you which represent your faith or what you have a strong belief in. This can be a piece of jewelry, gem stone, crystal, bag of dirt, medallion, or even a tomato from your garden if you truly believe that it can protect you from what you perceive as evil or negative. Never forget, the unknown does not have to resort to physical attacks and it can get inside your minds and mentally or psychologically bestow harm.

Conduct a group prayer, chant, ritual, dance or whatever will boost everyone’s psychological state before entering the investigative area. Then conduct your own private ceremony or prayer for yourself using the ritualistic methods of whatever you truly believe in.

Ask for permission from the unknown before entering the potential area they may inhabit. Let them know you are not there to harm them and even try asking permission before recording audio, video or taking pictures. Even try explaining what you are doing and what the equipment you are using does. You may be surprised!

During the Investigation

During the investigation the rules can change at any given moment. Use a buddy system, NEVER go alone into any area of an investigation. If something happens in which you could soil your undergarments remember not to run. Instead, calmly retreat making sure you are moving safely out of the immediate area. Always be mentally aware of the exits and your escape routes. Utilize a warning system to let others know that there is a potential unexplainable or explainable danger. Two way radios work well for this, as do whistles, air horns, etc.

If you feel truly unsafe then remove yourself and your buddy from the area or investigation and let the others know. Trust your intuition and respect the unknown. Do not overstep your boundaries or agitate the unknown. Doing such can bring further harm to yourself or others in your group. Though the occurrences of harmful physical attacks are rare, they do happen. A simple push in a room may seem harmless, but remember what that same push on the stairs or near something hazardous could do. A simple headache or bout of light-headedness may seem harmless, but if it increases or others experience the same thing then leave the area. Besides the unknowing causing such things; chemical spills, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, etc. can also cause them.

Also make notes of any area which may actually “increase” in temperature during your investigation for no explainable reason. Such rare occurrences are many times associated with a Demonic or Inhuman haunting and even 99 percent of the most experienced groups out there are not equipped to deal with such. Consult with an experienced demonologist or faith practitioner if you encounter such.

Remember to leave an area the way you found it and to thank the unknown for letting you visit.


After completing your investigation conduct your personal and group ritual to help ensure an extra attachment does not accompany someone back to their house. Yes this can and does happen!

If you start experiencing behavioral, emotional or mood changes or notice that someone in your group has after conducting the investigation then start a journal noting such changes for everyone in your group. If these changes increase or continue then seek help from a practitioner of your faith or what you believe in, if this does not help then seek medical attention.

If you yourself start experiencing a haunting at your home or anyone else from the
investigation does then start keeping a journal. Do not think you will investigate it yourself or have your group come over for an in-home investigation. If it increases or continues then again seek help from a practitioner of your faith or advice from reputable elements within the paranormal community.

Dangerous elements do exist within the paranormal realms which you may be involved with. You or someone you know can become a victim to what you set out to investigate or research. Since you investigate such yourself then many times you feel that you can handle such by yourself. This is not a wise thing to attempt. Remember the unknown also possesses unknown dangers.

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