Air Ion Counter: This is an expensive piece of equipment and it is used to measure the amount of positive and negative ions in the area. Ghosts can cause a lot of positive ions because they give off high amounts of electromagnetic discharges.

Baby Powder: People have used baby powder to try to get ghostly footsteps or handprints. If the ghost has a habit of moving an object or pushing it around, you could sprinkle it with baby powder to see if hand prints appear.

Camera: A 35mm camera is an excellent camera to use. This camera can help to eliminate the chances that any odd things showing up on the film are due to camera malfunctions. Any camera will do if you do not have a 35mm camera. Color film is the easiest to buy in stores. Black and white is harder to find. 400 speed film is best choice. Black and white film and infrared films have been used and people have gotten interesting pictures. Remember to bring extra rolls of film and batteries for the camera. Often, when you are on a ghost hunt, camera film and batteries sometimes malfunction. You can use a camera tripod to help you eliminate moving the camera so that you can get a better picture. Tell your film developing company to developing your film as is. Developers often think the pictures of ghosts are camera mistakes. This is because ghosts on film often look like mistakes. Ask the developer to return all photos to you. When you are taking photographs take off the camera strap so there no chance it will get into the photo! If you have long hair, pin it back so that it does not get into the picture.

Cell Phone: Cell phones can be useful if you have an emergency and need to call for help. The cell phone can also be affected by the electromagnetic disturbance.

Compass: Some people like to use a compass. But a compass can be affected by electromagnetic disturbance.

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Detector: EMF detectors are an excellent piece of ghost hunting equipment. The equipment will pick up electronic fields over various frequencies. A digital readout is preferred EMF detector. Some detectors have an alarm that will sound to alert you. The cost for this piece of equipment is inexpensive and the price range usually runs from $40 to $150.

Extra Batteries: You should always bring lots of extra batteries. Ghosts are electromagnetic and this can cause your batteries to run down rather quickly. Remember to bring batteries for your flashlight and camera.

Flashlights: Since a lot of ghost hunting is done in at night, in place like cemeteries and battle field its imperative you have a flashlight. The flashlight will allow you to find your way around and to help you avoid falls.

First Aid Kit: Take along a first aid kit just as a precaution in case someone get injury on the ghost hunt. Battlefields can be hazardous in the dark causing a person to fall down and get injured.

Film: Take lots of extra film with you on the ghost hunt. The electromagnetic discharges can affect your film and you may have to replace it. Use 200 or 400 speed film, this will provide the best photographs.

Motion Detectors: This piece of equipment picks up movement. And people believe that they can use it to monitored ghosts activities.

Night Vision Scopes: Some people like to use night vision equipment on their ghost hunts. You can choose monocular and binocular. Binocular are a good choice because they add the benefit of depth perception. Night vision adapters are available to put on your cameras and camcorders.

Notebook and pen: You need a notebook and pen to record your investigation. You need to describe the weather conditions, the temperature, and what happened on the ghost hunt. You need to document your EMF and Thermal Scanner readings as well. Write down the date, time, and who was present, what was seen, heard, or felt.

Small Wind chimes: People have experienced breezes that accompany a ghost. Investigators have placed wind chimes in an area that they believe that the ghost travel to allow them to detect the presence of a ghost and provide them with a system that can alert them to take a picture of the area.

Tape or Digital Recorder: You can take along a tape recorder to pick up Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Turn on the tape recorder and let it run for the entire hunt or investigation. Speak in normal voices as this will prevent confusion about whether your whisper was really a ghost. You do not always hear the voices during your investigation but when you review your tape afterward you can find voices on the tape. Take an eternal sensitive microphone to allow you to pick up sounds. The Panasonic Digital Recorder is small and portable and is a good choice for ghost hunting.

Thermal Imaging Scopes: This piece of equipment provides you with an actual image of what your thermal scanner sees. It provides the exact shape of a particular temperature anomaly. This is actually very interesting.

Thermal Scanner: This piece of equipment measures temperature changes instantly for a specific area. Temperature changes are common in haunted locations. Infrared thermal scanners are also available but their cost is higher, from $300 to $500. Ghosts are electromagnetic in nature and for them to materialize it requires the use of energy. There is usually a severe drop in temperature that could be 20 degrees or more, and these are known as “cold spots”.

Walkie-Talkies: Walkie-Talkies provide you with a method to communicate with your ghost hunting party. If you are researching a house and you have people scatter all over the house, this allows you to keep in touch.

Watch: You need to take a watch with you on a ghost hunt to record the time when the events happen.

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